Sunward Story

Hey there, Thanks for stopping by Sunward! 

Growing up, I was infatuated with sun art. I bought anything with a sun on it they quickly became the subject of all my doodles. My mom, still buying me gifts with suns, has been my biggest strength through life's challenges. She's also my biggest support when it comes to my creative dreams. Sunward pays homage to her (I love you, Mom!). Mom always instilled in my to buy a piece of jewelry as a memory to a travel, experience or a feeling. I hope Sunward can be that for you.

I make jewelry simply because I love to make things with my hands. Since I was young, my mom and grandma were always inspiring me to create. I started with friendship bracelets and embroidery thread, moved to beads and all other crafts under the sun. Beading and making jewelry was always a constant.

Having community and connecting with people feed my soul. I'm grateful to be integrated in a creative community and have partnerships with women-owned local businesses.

I design and hand-make everything myself. If you have special request or are interested in a custom order, please reach out. I love to brainstorm and collaborate and make your ideas come to life.

Onward. Upward. Sunward. 

- Carrie